About Victory Pacific Weapons

Victory Pacific Weapons  

We use high grade hand select Hickory hardwood for our standard training weapons.  Hickory has been used for hundreds of years around the world where exceptional shock resistance is needed, particularly for striking tools. With a specific gravity of .82 Hickory is not as heavy as some comparable exotic hardwoods, and also much less brittle. From sledge hammer handles to hockey sticks, Hickory has been the first choice for professionals due to it’s remarkable ability to absorb and disperse vibration, thus being very hard to crack. Hickory is a pleasure to use for wooden weapons training due to its incredible elasticity, balance and responsive lively feeling.   

Wood and natural finishes will develop more character and beauty over time, inevitably changing appearance with use. We use a hard wax finish, similar to that used on fine hardwood floors for our standard weapons that seals and protects without chipping, cracking or peeling.
No maintenance should be required if the weapon is used regularly, however it’s easy to apply a layer of carnauba palm wax if the wood feels dry.  Mineral oil, another type of penetrating oil, or a special reapplication of a hard wax finish can also be used particularly if the weapon has been sitting for a long while.

Our Ai-Candy Series weapons are finished in brilliant aniline dyes, and then sealed with a high quality, high gloss polyurethane that is impact and peel resistant. The Ai-Candy Series weapons feel smooth in the hand, and offer all of the benefits of Hickory hardwood. Ai-Candy weapons are for every one.

As with all wooden impact tools (hammer handles, ax handles, baseball bats, hockey sticks etc.) our training weapons will gain strength with every use. To gain the maximum lifespan out of your training weapons use them gently at first. Flexing and bending the weapon gently by leveraging it upon the ground will also build strength and elasticity into the wood, which can be done with our 1″ diameter jo.

Custom work is available, with variations on length, colors, and type of wood if desired. Contact us for custom orders.

Do not expose to extremes of cold, heat or moisture or sunlight. Training weapons are inherently dangerous and the natural properties of wood are always unpredictable. Use at your own risk.